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Usually one standard phrase of municipal entrepreneurship supporters in Germany is: “If people don’t speak German, they will not be able to do long lasting business here. These startups are not worth to be supported here. They need to be integrated in German culture and society before they are worth to get business support.

Now … from my point of view that is only half the truth. It might be valid for those people from abroad who migrate and decide to live here in the long run. “Might be” ..because this thinking is on the edge of discrimination and I do not agree with that. Also this target group might have already existing business in their homeland and they could also be experienced entrepreneurs.  There is no way to look at them being not worth to get any public support! These entrepreneurs often only need advice and help with German bureaucracy, which appears sometimes really as red tape.

International Entrepreneurship Experts TeamBut there are also some target groups people forget – the families who need to change working place because they often work for international companies (expatriates or expats). Especially women who follow their husbands from country to country often feel isolated and unsatisfied. They are very well educated and sophisticated, but are not able to meet own career needs due to the situation. One way out of this to establish a cross-border business, which can relocate with the expats.

Let me tell you a bit about me and my professional history. I’m a certified business consultant and registered to deliver eligible services in Germany, especially in North-Rhine-Westfalia for an appropriate fee. My own business was established in 1994 and since then my interest is to deliver suitable entrepreneurial support for start-ups and new business. A couple of years ago, in 1998 I’ve learned more about entrepreneurial support in different European countries. Within a European project experts from different countries exchangend knowledge about entrepreneurial culture and behaviour. In 2001 I organized a study tour for few female business experts in the United States with the help of the German Marshall Fund. Many thanks hereby to Andrea Levere, the president of the Corporation for Enterprise Development in Washington D.C. and Kim Pate and Carl Rist as the fellows who brought us in contact with US leading Entrepreneurship Centers.
The lessons learned … big cultural differences in the way entrepreneurs are appreciated by society, the way of understanding the worth of services and the “give-back-mentality”, which I appreciate most.

However … where ever you come from, please feel welcomed and invited to ask for entrepreneurial service and assistance in English. Let me know what is hindering your business here and we will find a solution to make life and business easier for you.

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